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Homework Tips

February 8, 2021

Establish your own routine. Set a regular time to do homework and make your homework a priority. In other words, study when it's time to study so you can play and relax when it's time to play and relax.

Find an appropriate place to complete your work. Make sure you are comfortable, you have good lighting, and have minimal disruptions so you can concentrate on what you are doing (that means the television gets turned off!)

Make sure you have all necessary materials and supplies: pencils, paper, ruler, eraser, scribblers and books etc.

Before you start your homework, make sure you are rested and have had a snack to recharge your batteries after a busy day at school.

Study is an acquired skill – something you have to learn how to do. So don’t be discouraged. Ask your parents for help if you become frustrated because an assignment is too long or too hard. If you need to, wait until tomorrow and talk to your teacher about your difficulties.

There are many web sites available to help you with your homework. A simple search for “Homework Help” on Google or Yahoo will generate many results that can help you with your homework. has tools to help you study, including BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper, which contains more than 700 links to sites that will help you with your homework.

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